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Kristine Kalnina

Research insight bounty hunter UXR | AIX | MLUX
About Me

Who am I?


Hi, I’m Kristine

A mixed-methods User Experience and Design researcher with deep interest in Human-AI interaction design and passion for Artificial Intelligence design and Machine Learning UX.

With professional roots in Product Management, I build products that matter. My approach is pragmatic, driven by a passion for user-centricity and great UX. My background in Product Management has taught me to think strategically when it comes to planning research.

Experienced in both quantitative and qualitative research, I strive to deliver actionable insights and help teams interpret their user needs.

I'm keen to form and design emotionally authentic relationships between the human and the technology of tomorrow.


Work examples

I have a variety of examples of my work available. If you're interested in how I work and what value I may bring to your teams, I'd be happy to share my most relevant case studies. If you haven't done so already, request access to view my portfolio.


Experience & Education

Oct 2021 - present

Senior UX Researcher

Oracle (B2B)

My time is split between supporting a dynamic, agile team with their end-to-end generative and evaluative research needs, as well as assisting the organization at large with research enablement. Within the SCRUM team, I am responsible for identifying research needs, planning and executing research, and delivering actionable insights. As part of my enablement efforts, I support researchers, Product Managers (PMs), and non-researchers (PWdRs) with their respective research needs. This involves providing them with tools, templates, frameworks, and process improvements to help them achieve their goals of data-driven product development, whether or not they have a dedicated researcher.

Dec 2020 - July 2021

Lead User Experience & AI Researcher

Human x Innovation (B2B)

I led an entrepreneurial project (a GPT-3 - conversational AI - Brainstorming partner) planning, running and analysing over 20 research activities and experiments. Alongside the regular research activities, I also fulfilled a role of a mentor, where I ensured my teammates are enabled to participate in research activities.

Dec 2020 - Feb 2021

AI & Design Researcher


Guide against AI Tracking ( is an NGO funded project to research Social Media AI algorithms, human rules and escalation processes that affect content moderation. To help media and content creators from civil society actors understand the threats from AI tracking techniques, we develops visual guides on how to protect the originality of their content against misinformation and unfair moderation.

2020 - present

MA User Experience Design & Human Factors

University of Barcelona

Human Factors • UX Driven Business • Ethics in AI Design • AI Research and Design • AIX and MLUX • User Research • UX Management • Interface Development • Creative Technology • UI Design & Prototype • Content Strategy • Entrepreneurship • Testing & Assessment

May 2020 - Sep 2020

Usability Researcher

Kaspersky (B2B, B2C)

Working in the Neuro Research team, I played a key role in the business by fuelling our website design, A/B testing, campaign and in-product messaging efforts with methodologically robust and actionable user insights.

Dec 2019 - Mar 2020

Senior User Behaviour Analyst

House of Kaizen (B2C, Agency)

In this role I focused largely on quantitative research methodologies. I worked with large sets of user data to deliver actionable insights used by the wider business. The output of my work directly informed the testing and optimisation strategy for clients such as The Wall Street Journal, Hearst Publishing, RSPB and Shelter.

Jan 2019 - Dec 2020

User Experience Researcher / Research Ops

Beamery (B2B, B2C)

As the first and only UXR at Beamery, a lot of my work revolved around raising the UX maturity level and building UX research processes and mindset from the ground up. Leading the various cross functional product teams in planning research activities, preparing necessary artefacts, e.g. screener & interview guidelines, enabling teams to undertake their own user research, designing/optimising processes, instilling best practices and up-skilling cross functional teams, as well as synthesising actionable insights and support ideation and integration of concepts into the teams’ innovation pipeline.

Jun 2018 - Jan 2019

Certified Scrum Product Owner

Beamery(B2B SaaS)

I looked after the core CRM product, inventing, improving and maintaining the parts of the product that change the world of recruiting and enable our users to find the right candidates fast. I was also fully responsible for all research activities for my product. During this role I facilitated Scrum process for the team

2017 - 2018

MicroMasters User Experience Research & Design

University of Michigan (edX)

UX Research Surveys • Understanding User Needs • Principles of Designing for Humans • Evaluating Design with Users • From Concept to Wireframe • From Wireframe to Prototype

Jun 2016 - 2018

Product Manager (B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2B2B, APIs, Internal tools)

I owned, maintained and grew a product that consists of B2C eCommerce and Lead generation website, B2B CMS tool, Internal back-office tools, APIs and 3rd party integrations. We later expanded the product to offer B2B2C and B2B2B offering. Leading a small team of 3 developers, a QA and myself, we worked in Scrum, Kanban and Lean. I did not have a dedicated researcher or designer on the team

May 2015 - Jun 2016

Certified SCRUM Product Owner

Wintechnologies(Internal tools, B2C, APIs)

Owned and maintained a Product which consisted of a Data Management Platform (DMP), a customer segmentation, acquisition and retention tool, a marketing promotion management and analysis tool, a CRM and an affiliate management tool. Led a team of 10 developers, 2 QAs and an architect, working in Scrum

2008 - 2009

University of Hertfordshire

Web Designer

In my last year of my BA studies, I was presented the opportunity to design and develop the department of linguistics pages for the University's website.

2005 - 2008

BA (Hons) English Language with Communication and Digital Media

University of Hertfordshire

Clinical Linguistics • Child Language Acquisition • Journalism Skills • Journalism, Law and Ethics • Language and Meaning • Language and Mind • Language in use • Socioliguistics • Web Animation • Web Design Course number

Mar 2008 - Jun 2008

Web designer and Developer

Freelance projects (B2C e-com)

Designed and developed websites for various clients using HTML and CSS.

Kristine is a very confident, passionate and gifted user researcher who can lead projects to great success. She is self-guided and capable of working on very tricky research challenges. Her output is always clear, actionable and on-point.Depending on what is needed, she can work alone or as a team player with qual, quant or mixed methods. Regardless of the setting, she stays always on top of projects and looks for process improvements along the way.

Head of Behavioural Research

Daniel Gold

Head of Research // Kaspersky

Kristine proved to be a real asset to the digital team, both in terms of attitude and skill. She joined our team during a digital transformation which is usually messy and can be directionless. Kristine was able to work with minimal direction which meant she made a real impact on the workload. Kristine understands UX methodologies and techniques and has a real passion for the discipline.

Senior Usability Researcher

Suzanne Ismail

Senior Usability Researcher // Kaspersky

Kristine truly excels at getting stuff done! She puts in place tools and process, and she works very effectively with her engineering team, to ensure everything gets delivered in time, with the right scope. With her strong focus on user experience, starting with truly understanding what the users are trying to achieve, and how these users operate. I wholeheartedly recommend Kristine and I would hire her again without any hesitation.

Director of Product

Romuald Restout

Director of Product // Beamery

Kristine and I worked together on projects for The Wall Street Journal. With Kristine's recommendations of how we might further optimize our client's products, we were able to gather key insight to inform our testing roadmaps and drive significant uplifts in our tests. Many of the recommendations Kristine gathered are the winning experience onsite. I'm confident Kristine will be a major asset to any team she joins.

Senior Product Manager

Trevor Cookler

Senior Product Manager // House of Kaizen

Kristine is one of the most thorough people I've worked with in my career. She is an excellent user researcher, with a keen eye for detail and inquisitive nature. Kristine's ability to draw out actionable insights from varied sets of quantitive and qualitative data never fails to impress me. Her work has been pivotal in constructing impactful testing programmes across a range of clients I have worked on.

Senior Optimisation Manager

Tom Gale

Senior Optimisation Manager // House of Kaizen

Kristine and I worked together at Beamery where she was the dedicated UX Researcher within our design team. A very positive impact that Kristine has brought to the team is the highly effective new methodologies being introduced into the process at Beamery. It's clear to me that she is setting herself up to be an absolute powerhouse UX Researcher.

Senior Product Designer

Rhys Merritt

Senior Product Designer // Beamery

In the time I have worked with Kristine she has shown passion and heaps of enthusiasm in getting Customer insight into product development and learning new methods to create a cohesive and thought through end to end experience for her Customer group. An asset to any team and an absolute pleasure to work with!

Head of Customer Voice

Karen Pope

Head of Customer Voice //

Kristine is one of the most competent Product Owners I've had the privilege of working with. She is confident, driven by value, user-focused, and constructive in any situation. She works with the good of the team in mind, but has the courage of her convictions, and will stand up for what she thinks is the right course of action, always with well-stated reasons.

Agile Coach

Cameron Martin

Agile Coach //

Kristine worked in my team at and is highly competent and effective Product Manager. Always looking at new ways to solve customer (internal and external) problems whilst building the courses product into the best in market. An excellent communicator and stakeholder manager, Kristine was well respected in the business. I would highly recommend Kristine and we will miss her greatly on the team!

Head of Product

Vickie Birnage

Head of Product //

Kristine is a rock star Product leader. She has a deep understanding of technology and design, enabling her to envision awesome product solutions. Kristine core skills are strengthened by her ability to communicate and convince stakeholders of the value of her ideas. Yes, I recommend Kristine. Totally!

Senior Product Manager

Daniel Cabral

Senior Product Manager //

Kristine is quite simply excellent. She is hard working, quick thinking and dedicated. She embraces every challenge, ensuring she has a clear understanding of the problem she has to solve. She takes the time to understand her stakeholders, injects fun into her ways of working, and genuinely cares about the work she produces. If I had the chance, I would hire Kristine again in a heartbeat.

Senior Product Owner

Melanie McKay

Senior Product Owner // London Bridge Media

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